Administration in Loni

The administrative units concerned with the governance of Loni are the Loni Assembly Constituency, Nagar Palika Parisad Loni, District Magistrate and District & Sessions Judge of District Ghaziabad.

Loni Assembly Constituency

The Lok Sabha Constituency of Ghaziabad, which embraces the Loni Assembly is the primary administrative body in Loni. The city is an independent assembly constituency. The Nagar Palika Parisad in Loni is an integral wing of Loni administration and the city of Loni is about to be included as a tehsil in Ghaziabad. The seat of administration for this tehsil will be located in the Roopnagar Industrial Area. The Loni tehsil will include 49 villages as an Assembly Constituency.

loni administration

Parliamentary Constituencies of Loni Assembly Constituency:

  • Shakalpura
  • Agraula
  • Lutfullapur Nawada
  • Badshahpur Sirauli
  • Aurangabad Ristal
  • Behta Hajipur
  • Pachaira
  • Chirori
  • Pabhi Sadakpur
  • Meerpur Hindu
  • Sirora Salempur
  • Pasaunda
  • Loni
  • Banthla
  • Mandola
  • Nistauli
  • Sharfuddinpur Jawali
  • Makanpur
  • Jhandapur
  • Mewla Bhatti

MLA in Loni

Presently the Loni Assembly Constituency has Mr. Zakir Ali of Bahujan Samaj Party as the current MLA.

Nagar Palika Parisad Loni

Founded on the 31st of March in 1971 as a Nagar Panchayat, the Nagar Palika Parishad of Loni is currently situated at Khanna Nagar. The chairman of the Nagar Palika Parisad of Loni is Mr. Manoj Dhama and it has now a total of 36 employees. Spread over 34.68 square kilometers of area, the population of Loni is 5, 16, 082 in accordance with the 2011 census. In the 6th term a total of 45 wards have been included in the Nagar Palika Parisad of Loni.

Loni Tehsil

Presently a part of the Meerut Division, the city of Loni will be included as a tehsil of District Ghaziabad positioned 17 kilometers away in the west of the administrative capital of Ghaziabad. The Loni tehsil will be the prime seat of governance for the convenience of the local people here. The Loni tehsil will also look after the land revenue system of each of the parliamentary constituencies of Loni.

District Magistrate Loni

The District Magistrate of Ghaziabad is the chief administrative head of the entire district being the representative of the State Government. The District Magistrate of Ghaziabad is the main person concerned with the control of the state as a whole. Presently, Dr. M. K. S. Sundaram is the District Magistrate of Ghaziabad.

District & Sessions Judge Loni

The District & Sessions judge is the administrative chief of the Loni Judiciary. Both criminal court and district courts come under his jurisdiction. He hears the appeals made against the verdict by the civil court and the High Court of Judicature of Allahabad hears the appeals made against his judgment. The Districts & Sessions judge is assisted primarily by the Chief Development Officer, Additional District Magistrate (City), Additional District Magistrate (Executive), Additional District Magistrate (Land Acquisition), Additional District Magistrate (Finance & Revenue),Treasury Officer, City Magistrate and Tehsildars.Anil Kumar Srivastava II is the presiding Districts & Sessions Judge of District Court Ghaziabad.

Prison near Loni

The Jail Site at Jail Road Shahdara is the nearest prison to Loni.
Jail Road, Shahdara, New Delhi, Delhi - 110093
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